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Stiles goes camping with his friends in New Mexico after graduation where they befriend a biker gang led by Derek: a guy whom Stiles can’t decide if he will be either relieved or devastated to never see again once their week is up.
"You better hold on," Derek advises. He turns his head slightly to the side, glancing at him over his shoulder. "I don’t want to get in trouble if you get hurt."

"Good idea," Stiles agrees, having to raise his voice in order to be heard over the loud engine. "My dad might press charges. Did I mention he’s the sheriff back home?"

"Maybe we should call this off."

"No way!"

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Theo James, everybody ;3


Sides? Sides? $26,000 worth of sides? What are these sides? They cure cancer? - The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


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Your face is all that I see I’ll give you everything, baby love me lights out, You can turn my lights out